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Our True North

Atul got it right.

AmbiFi takes Atul Gawande's incredible manifesto and accelerates its impact and expands its reach with practical applications of science and technology.

We are inspired by our progress as humans knowing it depends on everyone having the humility to concede that we all need help. 

We take a curious and empathic approach and try to empower everyone everywhere to capture and share knowledge and experience.

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Purpose • Mission • Values

Empower everyone everywhere to be incredibly productive and happy

AmbiFi’s mission is to empower people from all walks of life to build trust, improve productivity and safety by creating and digitally sharing knowledge and experiences - ensuring we get things right, every time, everywhere, for the best possible outcomes.

  • We value making sure our everyday actions contribute to improving everyone's productivity while reducing mistakes so people can focus on what’s most important, what they love.

  • We value working collaboratively, building respectful relationships with wicked-smart people who aren’t wicked, whatever their backgrounds or beliefs. 

  • We value the power of science and technology that inspires, challenges thinking, drives positive change to support and empower people, calmly reducing complexity instead of introducing it.  

  • We value our customers and are honored and humbled by the incredible things they do.  And we commit and take ownership for outcomes.  To win opportunities and perform at our best for every customer so that together, we can achieve the best possible outcomes. 

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Our Leadership Team


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Director of Client Solutions

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