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“Short of hiring a real-life copilot, this app is about as close as you'll come to having one, only on a mobile device.”

- Flyer Magazine



Private aviation industry consists of thousands of pilots with endless aircraft models from single-engine planes to turbines, to jets all with increasing complexity

  • Each aircraft has its own set of infrequently performed procedures that as a pilot you are expected to memorize.

  • The pilots often are flying solo and relied on paper checklists that are not always current to the models and updated procedures.

  • Paper checklists can become outdated and are distracting because you have to take your eyes off the current task therefore increasing the task load.

  • Complacency is also a big issue because there is nothing holding you accountable as a co-pilot would.


Continuously capture and share the best knowledge and experience for each aircraft type, provide realtime support, monitoring and feedback via digital copilot

  • Pilots crowdsourced hundreds of checklists to share with the community.

  • Pilots were empowered to build their own no-code interactive personal checklists customized to their aircraft configuration and workflow either from scratch or based on a community-shared one.

  • Thousands of pilots rely on the mobile & voice first, hands free voice recognition device interfaces of the AmbiFi platform.


Five years later, thousands of pilots in hundreds of aircraft models across the world are flying safely and sharing new and improved procedures

  • Taking advantage of all of the capabilities, much more robust content was created to span all phases of pilot operations such as pre-flight, in-flight, take off, landing, emergency, maintenance, etc.

  • Because of the voice-first copilot, complacency and the task load were greatly reduced allowing the pilots to focus on flying the airplane and greatly increasing safety.

  • Infrequently performed procedures such as emergencies were performed with much greater confidence and accuracy because of not having to rely on memory.