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With thousands of changing procedures and equipment, clinicians cannot keep up with the requirements.  AmbiFi is used throughout hospitals and provider systems to enhance the clinician experience, improve care quality & outcomes, minimize risk, increase safety while lowering costs. The platform empowers clinicians to capture and share peer reviewed and approved evidence-based practices and point-of-care procedures for accurate real-time handsfree support, tracking & feedback.

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Every clinician has an Ambient Clinical CoPilot for every procedure and medical device they might need, instantly available, simplifying their lives so they can focus on patients.

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No group in healthcare knows the pain of following ever-changing procedures and complex medical devices more than physicians and nurses

  • 100s of protocols

  • Care bundles

  • Sterile procedures

  • Unfamiliar devices

  • EHR documentation burdens

  • Constant change

  • Burnout & turnover  


Continuously capture knowledge and experiences, provide real-time support, monitoring and feedback via ambient clinical copilots

  • Empowered clinicians collaboratively author all content and interactive tools (no-code) 

  • Capture and share evidence-based practices and point-of-care procedures

  • Runs on hospital-issued mobile devices for secure communications

  • Provide ambient copilot and live support for any medical device


Reduce/eliminate errors, higher productivity & engagement for better, safer patient outcomes

  • Zero errors of omission and procedural order

  • Remove variations and ambiguity on all procedures and medical devices - simple to complex

  • Automated EHR documentation, procedure tracking and feedback

  • Focus behaviors on patient outcomes and doing what they love

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Experience AmbiFi Yourself

These are examples of healthcare ambient clincal copilots in use right now globally to aid in the COVID-19 crisis by helping clinicians everywhere adopt a new medical device to improve patient outcomes.

AmbiFi co-developed these with UChicago Medicine and Penn Medicine and our platform is actively delivering these globally all free of charge.

If you are a clinician looking for support please contact customer care.


Helmet Ventilation NIV

UChicago Medicine


Helment Ventilation CPAP

Penn Medicine


Ventilación con casco (Ventilación no invasiva, VNI)

Medicina de la Universidad de Chicago


CPAP NO invasivo vía Casco

Penn Medicine

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