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Ambient Intelligence + Performance Science

Amplify the best of technology and the best of humanity

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Ambient Intelligent Support

​Guidance & Learning at the moment of need

  • Crisis - perform during a crisis; ensure that no critical steps are overlooked/forgotten or key questions not asked.

  • Frequently performed - keep lax attitudes and behaviors from creeping in when asked to do something repeatedly.

  • Infrequently performed - ensure no steps or guidelines are forgotten since the last time.

  • New - explore and do something for the first time.

  • Apply - new skills and habits to your daily routine. 

  • Solve - problems arise; recover and restore things back.

  • More - expand your breadth and depth of knowledge.

  • Change - learn new ways of thinking and doing. Give up comfortable behaviors and practices for new and unkn

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Calm Design

Based on performance science research and insights from seminal works including The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande, our proven mobile & voice first interactive models have been put to the test in the most challenging environments, from cockpits to operating rooms, plant floors to boardrooms, hotels to homes - everywhere.

AmbiFi virtual co-pilots can include:

  • Smart procedures and protocols 

  • Mission-critical and compliance checklists

  • Interactive playbooks and guidelines

  • Micro-interactions i.e. daily habit builders/busters

  • Real-time rich media feedback and instant analytics

  • Assessments - active-questions and prompted reflection 

  • Interactive stories and micro-simulations

  • Behaviors change - practices and experiences

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Empowerment at scale

We built AmbiFi on the same tech that powers Netflix and Uber... so create content once - run everywhere.

At AmbiFi we have figured out a better interface to create and digitally share using Know-a™, our Knowledge No-Code Outline Workflow Authoring system. People who spend all day living in software are finally able to make their own - using an ambi™.  

Our platform supports at massive scale, creating, running and measuring ambis - millions of them globally.  Run them on your mobile devices, text or email them, embed in websites and social media, integrate into training and support systems, marketing sites or even print them as documents.

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Takes care of the details for you

AmbiFi services end-to-end global deployment including all content management, virtual assistant integration, authoring workflow, content distribution, AI-generated voice narration, language translation, systems integration, real-time feedback, data collection and analytics.

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