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COVID-19 Response

AmbiFi helps Hospitals, Communities, Care Centers, Manufacturing Sites, Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, Universities, Retail Stores - Essential Workers, Healthcare Workers, Professionals +

Hip Hop Public Health Click Here

Helmet NIV Resources Click Here

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Hip Hop Public Health

We partnered with Hip Hop Public Health (HHPH) to create an “ambii” that teaches you the proper handwashing techniques demonstrated in the 20 Seconds or More music video, step-by-step. There is even a 20-second countdown to guide the experience, and you can choose which HHPH artist or ambassador to wash your hands with! Ambis are a guided learning experience authored by trusted experts so you can jump in where you need support and have a reliable source guide you through the process.

Try the ambi out and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to suggest improvements and help us build a healthier more knowledgeable community.

Web Player  Apple App  Store Google Play

A guest login is required for the mobile app:
Username – HHPH (case-insensitive)
Password – 20Seconds! (case sensitive)

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Helmet NIV 

Virtual Copilot & Education

Smart Protocols and Guidelines

On-demand Training & Realtime Support

US English, Spanish & Portuguese Click Start Links Below (web app)

You can also download 'AmbiFi' from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Login app with credentials:

User ID: Covid19 (case-insensitive)

Password: Covid19! (case sensitive)

Please contact us if you are a hospital, clinician or manufacture needing assistance with AmbiFi

We are working globally with the Helmet-based Ventilation team, University of Chicago Medicine, Penn Medicine and helmet manufactures to co-develop virtual copilots during the COVID-19 crisis to help clinicians learn and adopt these new medical devices using the most current protocols. 

The AmbiFi solutions are in use now with clinicians all over the world free of charge and are updated as doctors learn more how to improve patient outcomes with helmets. 

Please contact for translations, additional protocols needed and local customizations. 

| COVID-19 Response |: Products

Helmet Ventilation NIV

University of Chicago Medicine


Helment Ventilation CPAP

Penn Medicine


Ventilación con casco (Ventilación no invasiva, VNI)

Medicina de la Universidad de Chicago


CPAP NO invasivo vía Casco

Penn Medicine


CPAP Não invasiva utilizando capacete

Penn Medicine

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