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Finally, critical knowledge sharing that sticks.

AmbiFi reimagines how we create, learn and follow procedures to get things right.

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The world runs on procedures…
It's time to stop overspending on traditional documentation and training.

AmbiFi is like having experienced experts by your side providing a cognitive net - teaching, documenting, intelligently guiding you every step of the way - except on a secure mobile device.

AmbiFi closes skill and experience gaps, reduces cognitive load with ambient intelligent guidance at the moment of need - hands-free w/voice - ensuring performance, efficiency, engagement, and safety while reducing costs in Healthcare, Manufacturing and Services Industries.

Latest News: Vuzix Smart Glasses Technology Partnership

Webinar Replay w/Live Demonstrations

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Easily capture, peer review and share knowledge.

AmbiFi empowers experts using proven aviation methodologies, no-code, AI, mobile and voice-first technologies with the first ambient intelligent knowledge capture system.

Create rich media (video, audio, voice, images, etc) “Ambient CoPilots” AI guides including smart procedures & protocols, checklists, workflow learning, instant onboarding, guidelines, playbooks & more on iOS/Android phone/tablets/speakers and Vuzix’s smart glasses technologies.


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Audition your performance aloud first.​

Simulate, dry run and learn to navigate critical procedures prior to performance. 

Clinicians can now experience procedures, protocols, guidelines, checklists, complex clinical pathways vs. just reading them.  In manufacturing SOPs, maintenance, troubleshooting and safety procedures become interactive at the point of need.  In services industries provide instant onboarding and moment of need training and support anywhere at anytime.   

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At the moment of need use your voice to call-up and follow procedures anywhere.

You have intelligent guidance for any procedure and device you may need, instantly available in your pocket. If you need additional live assistance connect in real-time within context of the procedure to experts via secure video, audio and chat.

Free up hours scrolling through endless documents, searching systems, looking for guidance while still maintaining and tracking regulatory compliance. 

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What our customers say...

"AmbiFi is like having an expert assistant by your side in real time- it can deliver critical information at the moment of need, use patient specific EHR information to help clinicians navigate through complicated clinical pathways, all on a secure mobile device.  It’s compatibility with hands free Vuzix smart glasses is a game changer.  Great company, great vision, great people."

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A Checklist Mindset the New Normal

Our progress as humans depends on everyone having the humility to concede that we all need help so we can focus on what's important. 

We help empower people with technology to effectively share what works best now so we all get to thrive in this new world we find ourselves in.

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