Use Cases
Use Cases

Use Cases

See how AmbiFi provides solutions for common use cases across industries.

How do you enable and support a more productive workforce?

In today’s tight labor market, everyone wants to be more productive. But increased productivity doesn’t just happen... your workforce needs tools to enable and support them to be productive. AmbiFi is the enablement tool that uses powerful performance support capabilities to provide on-demand learnings when it is needed most.

How do you manage and gain insight into your repetitive processes and procedures?

Processes and procedures are the building blocks of every company. Irregardless of the industry, regular procedures, sometimes simply checklists, are essential for a smooth running business. From a restaurant opening checklist to a construction site status update, procedures are everywhere. These are things that seem simple and repetitive, but can cause problems and headaches if they aren’t done correctly each and every time. AmbiFi is the tool that allows for all of your critical processes and procedures to be authored, delivered, utilized, shared, improved, and analyzed through one dynamic platform.

How do you deal with high turnover and constantly training new employees?

People are the differentiator between simply a good company and a highly performing one. Transferring critical knowledge needed for your new employees’ first days provides them the tools to perform their job tasks at a high level. And studies show that highly engaged employees are those that have the tools and knowledge to perform their duties effectively. AmbiFi provides a powerful platform to both capture the learnings needed for new employees and deliver it to them in a usable and highly effective way to enable them to learn their job quicker.

Do you struggle with capturing critical data within your enterprise?

With today’s frantic pace, organizations can’t slow down to make sure all the critical information in the company is documented properly. From an accident on the dock in Peoria to a quality control report on a project in Pittsburgh, there are thousands of data points every day that must be documented, shared, analyzed, and reported. And it is impossible to do that without a tool like AmbiFi. Using ambient technology, AmbiFi can literally be the eyes and ears of decision makers no matter where they are located. With easy creation and sharing of documents to the capturing of data, GPS coordinates, photos, and videos at the touch of a button, AmbiFi is the indispensable tool for capturing and analyzing data for any industry.

Do you have compliance and regulatory requirements?

Every industry has numerous regulatory requirements that must be adhered to, performed, and documented in order to be compliant with certifying agencies. Documenting compliance is especially hard for disparate organizations that operate in multiple geographic locations and deal with various accreditors. AmbiFi provides the tools needed to deliver critical requirements in a usable format to teams next door, across town, or halfway around the world. And for those that need to document compliance, AmbiFi provides flexible documentation functions, from online queries to printed reports, that satisfies even the most stringent regulatory agency.

How do you improve your employee communications, engagement, or alignment?

In diverse organizations, with multiple layers of people speaking different languages in various locations, engaging in proper communication and management of employees is both critical and incredibly difficult. Giving people the tools to understand the goals of the organization, and to help them manage their own employees better, is vital for every high performing company. The AmbiFi platform helps you deliver content and education to all levels of the organization in order to support the goals of your workforce and engages people in bettering their own careers.

Is quality control essential to your business?

The key to bringing customers back each and every time is consistency. Quality control is vital to ensure that your customers receive a consistent product every time. Consistent quality takes hard work, attention to detail and systems for monitoring and assessing whether all of the products and services meet your standards. To be successful your employees must know, understand, and document the quality control standards. AmbiFi is the platform that provides organizations the tools to help build, deploy, and verify quality control standards. And since quality control should not be stagnant, AmbiFi provides a dynamic tool that allows communication from top to bottom of an organization to ensure a collaborative quality control program.

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