• Enable your employees faster
  • Keep your employees safe
  • Keep your machines running
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Create the PERFECT product every time!

In what areas can AmbiFi help?

Employee Enablement

Onboard your employees with ease! 70% of the learning employees need to do their jobs is through informal learning. Turn that informal learning that hurts the efficiency of your other employees into Microlearning and "Smart Procedures" that can run anywhere, on any device.

By putting our most critical procedures in AmbiFi, it has freed up our other employees to add value to our bottom-line.

Platinum Casting Example

Employee Safety

Your employees are subject to working with complex machines in pressure situations. Make sure they have the proper procedures in place to do their work safely, every time!

Milling Machine - Safe Work Procedure Example

Employee Support

Get your employees the content they need "at the moment of need". AmbiFi is a performance support platform with a rich set of item types to get your employees the information they need, when they need it. It also has a feedback loop, where your employees can help improve the operational efficiency of your processes by commenting and adding photo, video and sketch attachments.

We have a module for new hires that covers all the HR procedures, and other ones for each role in our company. I don’t have to shadow people to make sure things are getting done right.

Quality Control

AmbiFi helps ensure that the proper QC procedures are followed every time! This reduces human error and waste and improves customer satisfaction.

Pre-op Sanitation - Example

Preventive Maintenance

AmbiFi provides the perfect vehicle to provide on-demand instructions for preventive maintenance efforts. You can capture issues on the spot, escalate the information to one or more people and provide a log of all activities. This significantly reduces the cost of preventive maintenance while increasing equipment availability. On-demand instruction also allows less-experienced people to perform at a higher level.

Creating these procedures was not any harder than creating an Instagram or Facebook Story. And sharing them was even easier!

Supply Chain

AmbiFi improves supply chain communications and interaction. The ability to provide documentation and instructions in both directions (buyer to seller and vice versa) helps reduce the number of errors due to poor and ineffective communications. This is particularly true for highly engineered products where the ability to quickly collaborate to resolve design issues is crucial.

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