• Quickly and effectively onboard new employees
  • Provide critical learnings to train new and inexperienced workers
  • Roll out new procedures to ensure quality standards
  • Conduct quality audits customized per location
  • Provide step by step instructions to other locations

In what areas can AmbiFi help?


Hiring and training new employees is easier by placing all the necessary content that needs to be reviewed in the palm of their hand.

In my industry, there is a lot of turnover of employees. Before AmbiFi, every time a new employee came onboard, the efficiency of my other employees would go down considerably.

Safety & Compliance

Ensure compliance in your own kitchen, or to your location on the other side of town. Provides step by step instruction and data capture ability to ensure that restaurant and food safety checks are done correctly and on time.

Safety Inspection Checklist - Example

Quality Standards

Provide easy to follow and understand recipe formats to allow for proper training and execution of new and existing menu items. AmbiFi also provides a feedback tool to allow your employees, and even your customers, a chance to give quality information in order to continually improve menu items.

Grilled Serrano Salmon Example

Audit and Inspections Capability

Provides step by step instructions for completion of any type of audit or inspection. From an internal facility check to a corporate marketing mandate, developing and delivering audit capabilities allows for a powerful tool to ensure standards.

Inspection Example

Read how one hotel chain is using AmbiFi to improve their day to day operations by onboarding new employees, raising the bar on their already high quality standards and providing real time inspection capabilities to their workforce.

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