• Flexible platform for use by surgeons, doctors, nurses and administration
  • Perform procedures completely handsfree with Interactive Voice Response
  • Content and flow of all procedures easily updated by your organization
  • Continually educate and evaluate medical staff with learning modules
  • Track the status of all activities and procedures in real time

In what areas can AmbiFi help?

Surgical Safety

Before a procedure it is critical that every member of the team is on board with the safety precautions that come along with it. Our platform allows for these procedures to be stored in easy to access format that can be logically followed through.

Surgical Safety Checklist

Nursing Tasks

Optimizing procedures by implementing them through Ambifi is quick and easy. Forget paper procedures for tasks such as the one below, cleaning patient rooms. Our platform takes care of all instruction and data records of activities.

Clean a Patient Room Demo

Making rounds and monitoring patients has never been this easy. With the Ambifi app, procedures like these can be accessed on mobile devices allowing for nurses to move quickly and track their progress.

Hourly Rounding Demo

Standards and Verification

As rounding is being implemented, it is essential to verify that hourly rounding is being done purposefully and correctly.

Studies have shown that when purposeful hourly rounding is effectively implemented, the frequency of patient call lights should decrease by as much as 65%, patient falls by 65% and pressure ulcers and skin breakdown to almost none.

Conditional Procedures - Your choices matter!

In the medical field, cases are rarely set in stone. With Ambifi, procedures can change based on certain circumstances to ensure the best care possible. The below example demonstrates these capabilities.

Supervisor Room Check (Infectious and non-infectious)

Data Collection and Record Management

The administration and management of digital and paper records is a daunting task. However, the creation, receipt, maintenance, use of and disposal of records is mandatory for any size health organization.

By getting rid of paper processes and moving to a AmbiFi we have saved countless hours and now have the peace of mind that all of our records can be accessed in an instant!

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