Getting Started

AmbiFi Orientation

AmbiFi allows you to create "Smart Procedures" delivered by your virtual assistant Mira that makes going through any tasks a breeze. This orientation was built in AmbiFi and covers many topics for you to get familiar with the capabilities.

PDF versions of the AmbiFi Orientation modules

Module 1 - Organizational Structure
Module 2 - Item Types
Module 3 - Adding Media Assets
Module 4 - Content General vs Advanced
Module 5 - Basics of Conditional Visibility
Module 6 - Timers
Module 7 - Enhancing Pronunciations
Module 8 - Basics of Grouping Items
Module 9 - Basics of Linking
Module 10 - Sharing and Managing Activities
Module 11 - Basics of Grouping Items

Building Your First Activity

Once you have completed the AmbiFi Orientation, you will be eager to build your first activity. This page will help you get started building your first Activity within the Ambifi Platform. The slideshow below is an example of how Ambifi Activities can be embedded easily in external websites in addition to the app and web application site. Select either play inline to have the Activity show in this window, or play in new tab to have the Activity play in an external window. Then, use the arrows on the left and right of the screen to navigate within the Activity.

If you are looking for more advanced examples and video walkthroughs, click here or visit the learning tab within the Ambifi app on your Apple or Android mobile device.


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