Insurance and Financial Services

Insurance and financial services firms have been responding to large scale change for many years. Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic and priority on combating racism has provided an increased laser focus on their customers and employees through equal lenses. With the recent challenge of pivoting quickly to a remote workforce, simultaneously with reassessing their financial outcomes due to the economic downturn, leading financial and insurance firms are reassessing their business crisis and continuity plans, their public reputational risks, providing creative and flexible payment and services, and social/community support. Companies are also building plans to ensure their workforce is safe for reentry into the workplaces and demonstrating their approach to abolishing racism.

To support financial and insurance firms, AmbiFi has built and is offering a COVID guidelines’ playbook in our interactive ‘ambii’ format for businesses to adapt and deploy.  We’re also partnering to help companies market and communicate their services, globally in multiple languages, aligned with safety and guided expertise to ensure their current and new service offerings and employee guidelines are communicated safely, and accessible through any device and align with their brand and values.